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  • Our Plans

    Last updated by Chocolatemouse
    Our plans for the village are diverse and difficult to list in their entirety. However, some of our key goals for a sustainable future are listed below: Holistic building design Buildings made with natural building materials, passive solar,...
  • Our Community Covenants

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    The Western Reserve Ecovillage is an intentional community committed to developing a responsible connection with the land and those we share it with. By combining modern technological advances, traditional and holistic practices, and social...
  • Site navigation

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  • Welcome to the Western Reserve Ecovillage

    Last updated by John L. Clark
    The Western Reserve Ecovillage (WREV) is working towards becoming an egalitarian ecovillage and intentional community designed to promote ecologically responsible living and a socially just culture. Located in Northeast Ohio, we seek to make our...
  • Testing 123

    Last updated by Chocolatemouse
    Say anything.   Testing 123.   Anything but that.

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