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    The Western Reserve Ecovillage (WREV) is working towards becoming an egalitarian ecovillage and intentional community designed to promote ecologically responsible living and a socially just culture. Located in Northeast Ohio, we seek to make our community a center of learning about equality and sustainability for the world, as well as be a living model of a better society by practicing different forms of egalitarian culture and sustainable lifestyles.

    We seek diversity in our membership and lifestyles, and have designed an income-sharing community model, as well as ecological and social covenants that our members live by. We have a consensus-based decision-making process that allows every member to have a voice, and a democratic management process that allows us to partition and delegate work to the people who are best suited to it.

    As we believe that self-sufficiency is an important principle and an ecologically sound choice, we try to source as much of our material and caloric needs from our own properties as possible while building upon the land to the greater benefits of all. Activities such as upcycling, reclaiming old materials, permaculture, growing wild plants, communal infrastructure and holistic land management allow us to give back to the earth while also maintaining our own needs.

    We also believe that the world needs a dramatic shift in the way we behave socially. Our thought is that the current state of the world (divided by arbitrary boundaries, belief systems that require the destruction of others, and economic structures that encourage only selfish gains) has left cultures and communities sick and in need of re-connection with each other and the earth. Through our own community model of anti-capitalism, self-responsibility and communal support, we hope to present a healthy, productive and emotionally fulfilling alternative to our current destructive social and economic systems.

    While our community is still in its formative stages, we are already pursuing and living the lifestyles we seek to emulate. We are hoping to achieve our community goals within the next few years of communally owning and living on our own land where we can more thoroughly practice responsible ecological lifestyles and more effectively cultivate healthy social systems.